Golem Gates Update Notes


  • In Survival on Normal or Hard difficulty, certain enemy structures may now appear
    • Structures are more likely on Hard difficulty or when playing in co-op
    • On Hard, structures will also be placed in more advantageous positions for the enemy
  • Improved performance in Campaign Chapter 7 and Chapter 9
  • Fixed some objectives displaying the wrong number of controlled points in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue that caused Chapter 5 to be more difficult than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused some dialogue lines in Chapter 15 to not be translated when playing in languages other than English
  • Fixed damage/buff/debuff Glyphs not automatically hovering a valid target if the player has insufficient Energy
  • Increased range of the shifted (fast) camera speed option
  • Added a tutorial message when creating a public Survival match clarifying that join-in-progress is supported for that mode
  • When returning from a public match, the match type will no longer reset to private
  • On the campaign/trials screens, pressing the right analog stick button will now open a quick deck selection list
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent unit or building previews from displaying in the background of the Forge
  • Fixed the Creeping Battlement’s firing audio being heard at full volume regardless of camera location
  • (Console only) Artillery Cannon and Detonators default to automatic Skill usage (this setting can be changed in the Archive)
  • (Switch only) In handheld mode, if the user gives an order via tapping while either ZL or ZR is held, give the default order instead of an attack move (as with ZR+A in controller mode)
  • (Switch only) Adjusted the detection for tap vs drag to avoid unintended actions



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