Matt Oelfke

An avid gamer, programmer, and designer, Matt started writing small programs and games at an early age. Eventually he started modding other games to try to find a path into the industry. An active part of the Unreal Tournament modding community, he created some popular mods that got him noticed by Epic Games who eventually contracted and then hired him full-time. This would prove to be advantageous for both Matt and Epic Games as he grew to be one of the most knowledgeable developers across all versions of the critically acclaimed game engine, particularly in AI, networking, and gameplay systems. His expert knowledge and work on the networking code was a key component that made it possible for the Gears of War franchise to support its' wildly popular cooperative campaign and Horde modes.

Having worked with Epic Games for nearly a decade in all aspects of programming across many titles, Matt decided to go on his own and start his own game studio. With a keen sense for fun gameplay and design, combined with the know-how to accomplish any task that game development throws at him, Matt is now in a position to try bringing to life his own unique and varied game ideas.

Rob McLaughlin

With over 17 years of game development experience, Rob has proven to be a versatile gameplay programmer/designer spanning over many genres, including strategy, shooter, sports and even mobile games. Though he contributed on the prestigious Civilization series at Firaxis Games, Rob really made a name for himself at Epic Games as one of the go-to-guys for shipping high profile titles in his seven years at the studio. Titles such as Gears of War and Unreal Tournament benefited from his eye for detail and ascetics, as well as his sense for what is fun and what is not. A Pittsburgh native, Rob brings with him that blue-collar work ethic to get things done while still maintaining a level of quality that is apparent in the games he's worked on.

After leaving Epic Games to enter the world of indie game development, Rob spent some time working on the massive mobile hit Temple Run, and accumulating knowledge and experience in a new kind of market. Having missed the world of AAA game development, but loving the indie scene, Rob jumped at the chance to reunite with his longtime friend Matt Oelfke. Recalling their time at Epic Games and their experience with the Unreal Engine, Rob was confident in their ability to make high quality games with little resources and is excited to see where this new journey takes him.